It’s all in the detail.

N2 Saddlery offers custom-fitted dressage saddles designed for a perfect fit to your horse. Saddles are made of the finest British-sourced materials by Certified Master Saddlers in the United Kingdom. 

N2 Saddles are sold where we can make routine visits to you and your horse. We know that horses change and grow, requiring service to your saddle. As dressage riders ourselves, we understand the importance of a proper saddle fit. We offer different saddle models with variations that meet the needs of you and your horse. Following our assessment of your horse’s conformation, we will determine which saddles/tree shape will best suit your horse. Next, we’ll put you in the saddle to ride and help evaluate what is best for you.

Contact us to make an appointment with an N2 Saddlery Certified Professional Fitter today for your riding appointment so you can feel the difference an N2 Saddle will make to you and your horse!


N2 Saddles without a doubt, stand in a class of their own. Due to N2's high quality workmanship, ride-ability, and unique design, N2 saddles were an easy choice for myself and my equine partners.  - Rebecca Garrard